Ensemble Auditions

Spring 2019 Strings Audition Information

Auditions are only required for any string students who were NOT in the Symphony Orchestra or Sinfonia in the Fall 2018 semester. Sign up sheets for the audition are available on the third floor of the UCA and auditions will occur on Tuesday, January 22 from 1:30-2:30 in Room 204.

Audition Excerpts

Spring 2019 Choral Audition Information

Any student interested in auditioning for Chamber Choir and Concert Choir in the spring should contact Dr. James Kim to arrange an audition.

Audition material will include the following: vocal exercises to assess range and vocal quality, a brief sight-reading exercise, scales, and a short series of aural recall exercises

Results of auditions will determine placement in Chamber Choir and Concert Choir.

Join A Non-Auditioned Ensemble

At CSU, our ensembles are open to all majors. There are several ensembles that do not require an audition to be a member - simply register and show up!

If you don’t have an instrument with you on campus, don’t worry! Many instruments are available to rent. Contact: Copper.Ferreira@colostate.edu