Community Outreach Program

CSU Music Community Outreach Program

Through community outreach, CSU faculty and students have the opportunity to perform and create innovative programs that both engage with a diverse array of audiences and enrich people’s lives.

Our “Professional Performer” program connects the community with both advanced students and faculty to play for paid services. This program provides professional level performances while also giving students and faculty an opportunity to share their music and connect with the surrounding community. To find a Professional Performer or chamber group please contact

With our “Harmony Outreach” program, students provide volunteer performances where they can take their instruments out of the concert hall and find repertoire that will best engage the demographic they will be performing for. This program gives students important real-life experiences and skills that can build the foundations they will need as performers and educators. In collaboration with local organizations, our students play in multiple venues including schools, retirement homes, and homeless shelters. To request a Harmony Outreach performance please contact



Jessica Warner

Instructor of Music; Music Education; Coordinator of CSU Music's Community Outreach Program