Student Recitals

Student Recital: Hannah Stevens, Voice / FREE

Student Recital: Ryan Wessel, Violin / FREE

Student Recital: Salvador Hernandez, Euphonium / FREE

Student Recital: Xareny Polanco, Viola / FREE

Student Recital: Miranda Deblauwe, Horn / FREE

Student Recital: Kelci Hartz, Tuba / FREE

Student Recital: Connor Marsh, Euphonium / FREE

Student Recital: Abigail Enssle, Harp / FREE

Woodwind Area Recital / FREE

Woodwind students present an evening of chamber music and select solo literature.

Student Recital: Dmitri Ascarrunz, Violin / FREE

Student Recital: Alexandra Young, Voice / FREE

Student Recital: Noah Beck, Bassoon / FREE

Student Recital: Elizabeth Richardson, Flute / FREE

Brass Area Recital / FREE

A recital presented by brass area students from the studios of Dr. John McGuire, Professor Stanley Curtis, Dr. Drew Leslie, and Professor Stephen Dombrowski features repertoire for chamber groups and soloists.

Graduate Chamber Ensemble Recital / FREE

Members of the graduate program present works by the masters of the chamber music genre.

Student Recital: Zuri Kargbo, Bass / FREE

Student Recital: Montana Waters, Voice / FREE

Student Recital: Sarah Sujansky, Clarinet / FREE

Student Recital: Maisie Phillips, Voice / FREE

Student Recital: Chris Asercion, Saxaphone / FREE

Trumpet Studio Recital / FREE

Trumpet students of Dr. Stanley Curtis perform a variety of pieces from the standard repertoire for trumpet.

Guitar Studio Recital / FREE

CSU’s inaugural guitar studio presents a recital featuring chamber music and solo performances of contemporary works, as well as arrangements of standard classical repertoire.

Flute Studio Recital: Music by Women Composers / FREE

As an acknowledgement to the remarkable work by women composers, the flute studio is spending the semester exploring the variety of output created by these pioneering and creative artists.

Student Recital: Chase Hildebrandt, Percussion / FREE

Student Recital: Garret Durie, Viola / FREE

Student Recital: Isabel Waterbury, Horn / FREE

Freshman Voice Studio Recital / FREE

The semester’s culminating recital by our freshman vocalists.