Music Education Master's Degrees

Music Education Master's Degrees Learning Objectives

Students are expected to demonstrate the following advanced competencies in music education upon graduation with this degree:

  • Develop the ability to think abstractly, analyze complex ideas or phenomena, synthesize or generalize knowledge across disciplines and sub-disciplines, interpret and apply scholarly findings to specialized topic areas, and communicate ideas effectively in both oral and written forms.
  • Develop an awareness of substantive publications in the field of music education and the field of education as a whole.
  • Define national trends in music education that impact K-12 educational settings.
  • Describe the contemporary role that curriculum and assessment design plays in the teaching-learning process.
  • Create music curriculum assessment tools designed to measure both simple and complex learning in both classroom and studio/applied settings.
  • Engage in informed critical discussion regarding current standards-based frameworks in music and in contemporary K-12 American education contexts.

Master of Music, Music Education Specialization

The degree is designed for elementary and secondary music teachers who already hold a K-12 State music-teaching license. Specifically, this program is designed to inspire and develop the next generation of leaders in the field of music education by developing and applying scholarly research skills in the field of music education, the in-depth study of advanced pedagogical expertise, and the impact of contemporary learning theory on K-12 music education.

Master of Music, Music Education with Licensure

The full-time program designed for students who hold a Bachelor of Arts in Music or a Bachelor of Music degree and who would like to earn teaching licensure in K–12 music while studying music education at the graduate level.

Master of Music, Music Education Specialization, Kodály Option

The Master of Music, Music Education Specialization, Kodály Option is designed for elementary classroom music teachers, independent music instructors, and secondary music teachers interested in developing their teaching, conducting, musicianship, and depth of knowledge about music education.

The Master of Music, Music Education, Conducting Specialization

The Master of Music, Music Education – Conducting Specialization is an exclusive online degree program at Colorado State University. The program features the annual Summer Conducting Seminar, the residency portion of the degree, with additional courses offered online during the school year.

Master of Music in Music Education, Composition Specialization

The professional degree features specialized training towards composing music for educational ensembles and incorporating composition, improvisation, and music theory into K-12 music classrooms. Students enrolled in the program will produce original compositions for educational ensembles and have them performed publicly by student ensembles.