Master of Music, Music Education Specialization

M.M. Music Education

The Master of Music, Music Education Specialization is a full-time, in-residence graduate degree program designed for licensed elementary, middle school, and high school music educators who wish become master teachers and leaders in the K-12 Music Education field. The goal of the Master of Music, Music Education Specialization program is to develop the skill, intellect, and musicianship necessary among those who wish to become the next generation of leaders in the field of Music Education. The music education faculty at Colorado State University are all experienced educators with a passion for teaching, learning, and having a positive impact on students through music making and learning. Graduate students in music education at CSU have the opportunity to collaborate with faculty to learn innovative instruction and research techniques that are designed to impact K-12 instruction.

In this full-time, in-residency program, students will work in a rigorous academic environment to develop content knowledge about the history and philosophy of music education, understanding of how music research is conducted, advanced skills in music analysis and music literature, and high-level training in conducting and ensemble methods. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in CSU music ensembles to strengthen musicianship skills and experience various styles of repertoire with renowned conductors..

The music education faculty at CSU are nationally-recognized scholars and musicians. The University Center for the Arts, located at the foothills of the Rockies, provides an inspiring setting for personal growth.

The degree is designed to be completed in-residence over a time span of two years. Students in this program are encouraged to take advantage of the diverse summer elective offerings.

All students in this program have the option of completing a Master’s Thesis (Plan A – students complete thesis; Plan B – students do not complete thesis). The Master’s Thesis distinguishes your work in the program, enables you to graduate with a highly-polished, published work to your name, prepares you with the qualifications needed to pursue doctoral work later in the future, and also prepares you to take a leadership role as a practicing K-12 music teacher.

Because they are full-time, students in this program qualify to apply for a Graduate Teaching Assistantship within the Music Education Area. GTA positions are awarded for one year and subsidize half of the graduate tuition. Selected through a competitive application process, students may request a GTA application from the music education faculty after all application material for the M.M. Music Education program have been received.


For information about this degree, please contact Dr. Erik Johnson.

As a music education student at CSU I consistently find myself brimming with new ideas that I can’t wait to put into practice in my own music classroom in the future.” ~ Haley Heer, Class of 2013


In addition to completing Master of Music in Music Education Core Curriculum, a benefit of the M.M. Music Education program is that it is one of the few Master’s programs in the United States that is customizable where students can choose elective courses from the following areas: