Eurhythmics for the School Music Classroom


Émile Jaques-Dalcroze created the first modern method of music education, for pre-professional conservatory students, around 1900. His work was later modified for children and remains an essential part of curriculum at leading institutions – elementary to collegiate – around the world. Stravinsky, Diaghilev, Nijinski, Graham and Appia are among many artists who worked with, or were directly affected by, his work.

Eurhythmics for the School Music Classroom teaches the relationship between movement and music. No book can offer the intimate, personal understanding of the method like a Eurhythmics class. The process is a total experience that engages the entire being – mind, body and spirit – facilitating the spirit of play in a discovery-based, imaginative fashion where analysis and theory follow practice.

The summer seminar at CSU follows the curriculum of the American Eurhythmics Society and is closely affiliated with this organization. Aligning with CSU's goals for the course, the mission of the Society is to introduce public school music teachers to the philosophical and pedagogical approach of Eurhythmics for the School Music Classroom, preparing them to incorporate the approach in their teaching.

In the course of 2-3 summers, students demonstrating proficiency on the course competencies, based on AES curriculum, will become AES certified through CSU.

About the Course


Bonnie Jacobi

  • Associate Professor of Music
  • Director of Colorado Kodály Institute

Dates: We'll see you in June 2025

2023 CREDIT TUITION: $1,755 ($585/credit)

2025 tuition TBD

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Award-winning Faculty

Dr. Bonnie Jacobi and Fritz Anders demonstrating for the Dalcroze workshop