Master of Music, Music Education with Licensure

M.M. Music Education with Licensure

The Master of Music, Music Education with Licensure is a full-time program designed for students who hold a Bachelor of Arts in Music or a Bachelor of Music degree and who would like to earn teaching licensure in K–12 music while studying music education at the graduate level.

To be considered for admission, applicants must:

  • Hold an undergraduate music degree
  • Perform an audition on their principal instrument

The degree can be completed in as few as three years if coursework is taken full-time and in the summer. Many students complete the degree in four years due to the number of courses required for licensure and the fact that one semester is devoted to full-time student teaching. The program ultimately leads to Colorado Teacher Licensure in K—12 Music. Students in this degree program are expected to be in residency year-round in Fort Collins, taking coursework on a full-time or part-time basis year-round. 

Students take content coursework jointly within the Center for Educator Preparation (CEP) within CSU’s School of Education and within the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. Information about the CEP program can be found at

Students choose one of two tracks: Elementary/Choral, or Elementary/ Instrumental since they will have a split placement during the student teaching semester. To prepare for directing a secondary music ensemble, students are required to participate in a university music ensemble for a minimum of two semesters preferably in the fall-spring sequence. All licensure students, including masters with licensure students, participate in an upper-division review conducted in the second year by the music education faculty. All licensure students are required to develop and demonstrate piano proficiency before phase two of their degree and before proceeding to upper-division music education coursework to be cleared to student teach.

Thirty credits are required for the graduate portion of the degree. Each student’s degree plan varies slightly according to the student’s undergraduate background. Therefore, a unique plan is customized plan by the Academic Advisor for each student.

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A limited number of Graduate Teaching Assistantships are available for students in this program. For more information please contact Dr. Seth Pendergast.