UDQE Requirements and Area Policies

Brass Area

  • Brass Area: Proficiencies and UDQE Requirements (PDF)
  • Brass Area: Policies and Guidelines (PDF)
  • Brass Area: Jury Repertoire Sample Form (PDF)
  • Brass Area: Jury Sheet (PDF)

Composition Area

  • Composition Area: Upper Division Qualifying Exam(PDF)
  • Composition Area: Jury Sheet (PDF)

Jazz Studies

  • Jazz Studies: UDQE Requirements (PDF)
  • Jazz Studies: UDQE Rubric (PDF)
  • Jazz Studies: Jury Sheet (PDF)

Keyboard Area

  • Keyboard Area: UDQE Requirements and Area Guideline (PDF)
  • Keyboard Area: Jury Sheet (PDF)

Music Therapy Area

  • Curriculum FAQ and Policy Update (PDF)

Music Education Area

  • Music Education Handbook (PDF)

Strings Area

  • String Area: Guidelines (PDF)
  • String Area: UDQE Preparation and Requirements (PDF)
  • String Area: Jury Sheet (PDF)

Percussion Area

  • Percussion Area: Upper Division Qualifying Exam (UDQE) Requirements (PDF)
  • Percussion Area: UDQE Upper Division Report (PDF)
  • Percussion Area: Jury Sheet (PDF)

Voice Area

  • Voice Area Proficiencies and UDQE Requirements (PDF)
  • Voice Area: Jury Levels Sheet for B.M. Music Education (PDF)
  • Voice Area: Jury Levels Sheet for B.M. Music Therapy and B.A. in Music (PDF)
  • Voice Area: Jury Levels Sheet for B.M. Performance (PDF)
  • Voice Area: Jury Levels Sheet for Music Minor/Non-music Major (PDF)
  • Voice Area: Post Jury Evaluation Sheet (PDF)
  • Voice Area: M.M. Performance Jury Evaluation Sheet (PDF)

Woodwind Area

  • Woodwind Area Guidelines, Proficiencies, and UDQE Requirements (PDF)
  • Woodwind Area: Jury Sheet (PDF)