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Master of Music, Choral Conducting Specialization–Provides students the opportunities to develop their conducting and rehearsal techniques, explore a large body of literature, refine skills in music analysis and score preparation, and expand their knowledge of music history and theory.

Master of Music, Instrumental Conducting Specialization (Band)–Offers students the opportunity to conduct a broad range of ensembles in preparation for their career. The art of conducting is examined from the perspective of gesture and movement, score study/analysis/ear training, and rehearsal techniques and strategies. Graduate wind conducting students are also an integral part of the Athletic Bands Program, assisting with rehearsals and games and learning the administration of an athletic bands program. Details about applying to this program are available at:

Master of Music, Instrumental Conducting Specialization (Orchestra)–This is a program of advanced study in orchestral conducting with a strong supporting program of theoretical and analytical studies. The degree is designed to guide the student toward the development of fluency in the language of gesture and to foster the understanding of diverse roles of the conductor.

Master of Music, Music Education SpecializationThis program is a full-time, in-residence graduate degree program designed for licensed elementary, middle school, and high school music educators who wish become master teachers and leaders in the K-12 Music Education field. The goal of the Master of Music in Music Education specialization program is to develop the skill, intellect, and musicianship necessary among those who wish to become the next generation of leaders in the field of Music Education.

Master of Music, Music Education with LicensureThis program is designed for students who hold a Bachelor of Arts in Music or a Bachelor of Music degree and who would like to earn Teaching Licensure in K-12 Music while studying music education at the graduate level. This degree, which can be completed in three years, includes undergraduate music education coursework from both the School of Music and the School for Teacher Education and Principal Preparation (STEPP).

Master of Music, Music Therapy Specialization–Advance your career as a music therapist with our nationally recognized master's degree program in music therapy. Students in this program advance their skills with focus on neurological and evidence-based techniques that promote changes in cognitive, sensorimotor, speech and language, and psychosocial functioning. The CSU program offers a wide variety of course options in music therapy including research, composition and improvisation, neuroscience, and history of music therapy. This discipline-specific core is expanded upon with courses in counseling, psychology, and neuroscience. Come join this internationally-recognized faculty to expand on your skills as a music therapist.

Master of Music, Performance Option (orchestral instrument, saxophone, voice, piano, and organ)–This degree provides training to highly advanced instrumentalists and vocalists, focusing on the study and performance of solo repertoire as well as chamber music, orchestral, wind ensemble, choral, and/or opera repertoire. The program includes study in music theory and musicology as well as elective courses in areas such as diction, pedagogy, and literature for specific instruments and voice.

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The LEAP Institute for the Arts Master of Arts Leadership and Administration residential and online program responds to an increased demand for graduates who can provide leadership and organization to the arts; graduates who have the skills and confidence to bridge the arts with applied administration skills. It can be argued that the demand for leaders in the arts community, who can provide vision and entrepreneurship, financial and budgetary skills, advocacy for their art and an understanding of events management and promotion, including marketing, has never been greater. In addition, the demand for people who can use their creative talents continues to grow outside the world of arts and non-profits; a creative mind is a valuable asset to any workplace and graduates will have the confidence that they can apply their skills to opportunities throughout the non-profit and for-profit sectors of our quickly changing economy. Find out more.