Tuba and Euphonium

Studio Overview

The CSU tuba and euphonium studio is comprised of fantastic students eager to make music a part of their lives. Students learn the fundamentals of playing the tuba and euphonium, along with life-long lessons about being a professional musician. Whether the focus is on band, orchestra, music therapy, or music education, tuba and euphonium students will find the CSU tuba studio a welcoming and challenging environment.

Studio students have the opportunity to perform in chamber ensembles, University Symphony Orchestra, Wind Symphony, Sinfonia, and Symphonic Band.

Audition Requirements

Undergraduate requirements (all degrees):
  • One complete, multi-movement work (concerto, sonata, or suite) from any historical period.
  • One lyrical, and one technical etude. Blazhevich, Rochut/Bordogni, Fink, Kopprasch, Snedecor, Tyrell, and Voxman etudes are highly recommended.
  • All major and minor scales, in quarter notes, quarter = 120 minimum. Be able to demonstrate the upper and lower extremities of your range.
Graduate Audition Requirements:
  • One lyrical etude
  • One technical etude
  • One baroque, classical, or romantic transcription
  • One complete, major work (concerto, sonata, etc.) originally composed for the instrument
  • Six orchestral/band excerpts as appropriate

Guest Artists

  • Richard White, New Mexico Symphony Orchestra, University of New Mexico; rawtuba.com
  • Kevin Sanders, University of Memphis; memphis.edu