Studio Overview

The trumpet studio at Colorado State University is comprised of around twenty highly talented musicians studying to be successful in a career in music. Former students from the studio who have graduated with a degree in music have moved onto nationally respected schools for masters and doctoral studies; and most have achieved work in performance, education, and therapy fields outright.

It is woven in the fabric of the trumpet studio that students are helpful and supportive to each other, while maintaining a healthy, highly competitive environment. Auditions occur in Jan. and Feb., and questions about the process can be addressed to Stanley Curtis.

Audition Requirements

Undergraduate Auditions (for all degrees)

  • All Major scales, one octave
  • Chromatic scale showing full range of the player
  • Two contrasting solo pieces or etudes
  • Sight reading

Graduate Auditions

  • All major and minor scales, two octaves
  • Sight reading
  • One etude selected from Brandt-Vacchiano Orchestra Etudes, one etude selected from Charlier 36 Etudes Transcendantes
  • Two solos selected from different historical periods. Suggestions include, but are not limited to: a classical concerto by Hayden or Hummel; a French conservatory solo by Bozza or Tomasi; a contemporary solo by Kennan, Hindemith, Enesco, or Arutunian

Guest Artists