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Cover of The Green Room magazine, May 2017

In The Green Room: May 2017

May 2017 cover of The Green Room | Organ + Trumpet a classic combination

The May 2017 issue of The Green Room.

As the 2016-2017 academic year comes to a close at Colorado State University, we simultaneously wrap multiple performing and visual arts productions and exhibitions at the University Center for the Arts, recognize deserving students and faculty at a plethora of year-end awards events across campus, and conclude it all with the big deal of ceremonies – graduation!

I’ll spare you any words of wisdom or anecdotes about graduating, leaving that task to the true experts whose commencement day prose will be perfect! However, I recently read a letter my husband wrote to his son on the occasion of his son’s graduation. These words are not only applicable to students leaving university life, but to all of us who walk out the front door each morning, embarking on life’s daily duties and opportunities.

In order to keep this letter to one page, I have had to dispense with the notion that I can fill it with all of the advice and cautions I can muster (which are numerous, as you know). I will simply leave you with two words that I contend serve all of us well regardless of life situation, political or religious affiliation, sexual orientation, etc:

Be good. Every day. Every way. To everyone. To yourself. Follow that advice and everything else will come out in the wash.

There’s a lot there. Read it again.

It’s been quite a year, but as we exit the 2016- 2017 season, I can recall many truly good aspects, not just the creativity, talent, commitment, and development, but the insightful and tender way our students take care of each other. It’s a refreshing display of altruism in these somewhat turbulent times. I like to think that the community we have created inside these walls will continue to nourish each other and serve as an example for the thousands of guests we welcome into our “home” here at the UCA every year.

Keep it up, and may this summer be good to you! Read the May 2017 issue of The Green Room.

Jennifer Clary Jacobs
Marketing Director, University Center for the Arts

Crab Apple Blossom

In The Green Room: April 2017

The Green Room April 2017 Vol. 3 Iss. 18 April 2017 | Powerful, Collaborative Expression Spring Dance Concert Preview

April 2017: The Green Room

It’s The Green Room’s anniversary! Our creatively crafted and responsibly delivered online showcase of all things performing and visual arts at Colorado State University is now two years old. As you continue to engage with the arts at CSU, we hope our free, story-telling solution continues to be a part of the mix.

April is an exquisite time of year with the lovely crab apple trees in full bloom. Fort Collins has a special affinity for the varied-colored trees, with their heavy clusters of blossoms. Laden with meaning, the blooms were considered a symbol of artistic creativity by the Celts. Perhaps with the trees encircling the UCA as a contributing factor, April is the culminating month for events each academic year, and 2017 doesn’t disappoint! This month’s highlight events include the Spring Dance Concert, the opening of Little Shop of Horrors, The Musical, and two nights of the University Symphony Orchestra.

As you read the pages of our second anniversary issue, we hope you find an event that feels tailored to your tastes, and that we see you at the UCA soon. Altogether, it is an ideal time to visit campus!

If you’ve enjoyed this publication, please share it, send us your own story ideas and news. We thank you for your ongoing readership and support!

Jennifer Clary Jacobs
Marketing Director, University Center for the Arts

February 2017 Green Room cover

In The Green Room: February 2017

February 2017 Green Room cover | Shostakovich ReturnsIt’s been a little bit since we last visited with you in The Green Room. We truly hope your holidays were pleasant and that 2017 is going well already. At the University Center for the Arts, Jan. set a fast pace for the spring semester, even before the students arrived back on campus.

In the last three weeks, there have been five guest artist and faculty recitals, a Classical Convergence Concert, three art exhibition openings with a reception, theatre production and music ensemble auditions, three master classes, a creative writing book reading, dance visit/audition day, and the start of the 11-week Middle School Outreach Ensembles program. We hosted a delegation of music students and faculty from China, including two full-scale concerts, and we took our show on the road to Colorado Springs for the annual Colorado Music Educators Association Clinic-Conference where a dozen of our music faculty presented sessions, Jazz Ensemble I played a concert, and we welcomed over 150 alumni and friends at a reception. Incredible!

We’re particularly thrilled to note the success of our dance visit and audition day, where over two dozen aspiring dance majors took master classes with CSU faculty and watched a performance by current CSU dance majors. Equally inspiring were master classes with several world-renowned guests including The Canadian Brass, trombonist Joe Alessi, and the acapella group Cantus. As we strive to create a diverse and collaborative artistic community, input from young dreamers and sage professionals alike is salve for our souls and fuels our motivation.

And that was just January!

Take care,
Jennifer Clary Jacobs
Director of Marketing, University Center for the Arts

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