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Steven WorkmanTechnical Director
Mike SoloCreative Director(970) 491-5293
Sandra SanchezAdministrative Assistant(970) 491-5529
Valerie ReedAssistant Events Manager(970) 491-5481
Peter MullerVenue and Events Manager(970) 491-6798
Marjorie MossAcademic Success Coordinator(970) 491-3117
Kate Mathis-MottCostume Shop Technician and Draper
Tina LittleAdministrative Assistant II(970) 491-5562
Joshua LegateHead House Electrician/Master Electrician(970) 491-7095
Anthony LederhosAthletic Band Support Specialist(970) 491-2760
Elise KulovanyCostume Shop Technician, Crafts Artisan(970) 631-4180
Tom KrebsDirector of Recruiting and Scholarships(970) 491-2675
Heather JamesAcademic Success Coordinator(970) 491-3117
Sheryl HighsmithBudget Director(970) 491-3239
Jim DoserAudio Engineer(970) 491-1879
Jennifer Clary JacobsMarketing Director(970) 491-3603
Heather BellottiOffice Manager, Music, Theatre and Dance(970) 491-5533
David AshAssistant Technical Director(970) 491-1635
Hally AlbersProduction Manager, School of Music, Theatre, and Dance(303) 946-4373
Brandon AdamsMarketing and Publicity Assistant(970) 491-5891