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Steven WorkmanProduction Manager/Technical Director; Instructor of Theatre970-491-1635
Gretchin WheelerAdministrative Assistant970-491-3087
Ethan UrtzPerforming Arts Support Specialist
Ernan TorrezRecruitment and Enrollment Coordinator(970) 491-5891
Meghan TaylorAthletic Bands Support Specialist; SMTD Coordinator for Health Education and Wellness Promotion(970) 491-2760
Mike SoloCreative Director(970) 491-5293
Valerie ReedAssistant Events Manager(970) 491-5481
Chloie PiveralCommunications Coordinator
Lillian NugentBudget Manager970-491-6429
Peter MullerVenue and Events Manager(970) 491-6798
Marjorie MossAcademic Success Coordinator(970) 491-3117
Elise KulovanyCostume Shop Manager(970) 491-6135
Caitlin KotnikAcademic Success Coordinator II(970) 491-3117
Wes HalloranMaster Electrician970-491-5910
Jim DoserAudio Engineer(970) 491-1879
Nicole DarlingAdministrative Assistant(970) 491-5248
Jennifer ClaryDirector of Communications(970) 491-3603
Heather BellottiHuman Resources Partner(970) 491-5533