Wil Swindler’s Elevenet releases new album, Space Bugs

album coverMusic instructor Wil Swindler recently released a new album titled “Space Bugs.” The album by Wil Swindler’s Elevenet received a four-star review in Downbeat Magazine in February. Downbeat is a popular magazine, but given jazz’s origins, it is considered one of the premier publications on the art form. “Any review in the magazine has a significant impact in our field, let alone a great review,” said CSU saxophone professor, Peter Sommer.

From Downbeat

The high points in Swindler’s writing include the syncopated phrases on “Space Bugs,” the bass clarinet pattern on the well-titled “Tantrum In D,” the shift in moods and instrumentation on a medley of “Julia” and “Blackbird,” his ballad “Little Requiem” and the energetic closer “Pavlov’s Daughter.” (downbeat.com)

“Congratulations to Wil on this fantastic achievement!” added Sommer about the album release. “We are so fortunate to have someone with his level of talent, creativity, and experience directing the CSU Jazz Studies program.”

About the album

As a composer and saxophonist, Wil Swindler lives for the pristine intervals and warm timbres of orchestral music, while finding creative inspiration in the adventurous freedom of small-group jazz. The Elevenet exists as his preferred compositional vehicle so that he can explore and display the beauty found in each. Space Bugs showcases some of the music Swindler has written for his highly creative Denver-based ensemble since his 2011 release, Universe B, which inspired glowing comparisons to Gil Evans, Eric Dolphy, and even Billy May.