Student Profile: Caylyn Ysabel Newcomb, Trombone

Meet Caylyn Ysabel Newcomb!

Caylyn is a sophomore at Colorado State University, studying in Rangeland Ecology and minoring in Music. Originally from Stafford, Virginia, she has found her state here at CSU. You can frequently find her in the ecology department, but when not there she is often found practicing and performing in the University Center for the Arts with her trombone.

1. What classes are you taking at the University Center for the Arts? As a Rangeland Ecology major, what inspired you to take these courses?

Trombone Studio and Concert Band. I am also a part of  the Trombone Choir and do CSU Marching Band in the fall. I’ve been a part of music ensembles since 6th grade and had no intention of stopping my participation in music when I came to college. At first, I was only in marching band, but then I added my minor officially just this spring semester.

2. What performance and musical pieces are you getting prepared for in your upcoming concert?

For Concert Band we are currently preparing a music with French origins. For my jury piece (a music final exam if you will) I am preparing Sonata in F Minor by Georg Telemann. For Trombone Choir, we are preparing a series of iconic movie music. My favorite thing about it [getting prepared] lies with Trombone Choir. The music is challenging, demanding, and well-known, making it fun to practice and perform all around. Along with that, I prepare etudes weekly for lessons.

3. How did you get into playing the trombone?

I got into playing the trombone my junior year of high school. Throughout all of middle and high school I played cello and I was also a part of my high school marching band. The first two years I was on the color-guard. I always had wanted to be in the band instead so I finally asked my director to learn trombone, and thus began my study with it.

4. What is your favorite thing about the University Center for the Arts?

My favorite thing about the UCA is the that it's right next to CSU's trial gardens and the sense of community in the building. Generally, everyone in the building is at least acquainted and students build often amazing relationships with professors since we all see each other every day.


Article created and published by Natalie Hendricks