Expect the Unexpected

Colorado State University Special Assistant Professor of Horn, John McGuire, is currently traveling in Russia by special invitation, as a member of Fortress Brass Quintet. Over the next two weeks, he’ll share his touring and teaching experiences with us. From John McGuire: Experience has taught me that when traveling, expect the unexpected. As I headed out to travel to St. […]

ClarinetFest 2014: Reflections

I can’t imagine anything better than spending a week surrounded by top professionals in my field, soaking up their wisdom, hearing unforgettable performances, all the while taking it in alongside my best friends. Indeed, it was a dream come true to attend ClarinetFest 2014 this summer in Baton Rouge, La., with my ensemble, Quartet Atrevido! […]

Shaped by the experience

In addition to the Colorado State University Faculty Chamber Winds performing at the MidEurope Festival for Wind Music in Schladming, Austria, CSU music education major and percussionist Spencer Poston also participated in the festival as a member of the World Youth Wind Orchestra Project. Initially, Spencer wasn’t sure about applying for the ensemble when his […]

A student’s look back…look ahead.

On the train ride from Salzburg, Austria to Sopron, Hungary, I sat down with one of the CSU Faculty Chamber Winds’ oboists, CSU alumni Shane Werts (’13, Music Ed), to talk about the past year, the tour, and his future as a musician. Shane spent the 2013-14 school year teaching band and choir at Gypsum […]

Two tales of one city.

On Thursday, July 17, the ensemble performed their final concert of the tour as part of the Staromestský Letný Festival, in the city of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. The festival, in the Zichy Palace courtyard, and other venues around the quaint and popular Old Town, featured artists from Slovakia and abroad. The ensemble’s time […]

The town of loyalty and freedom.

Originally a trade route town on the Roman Amber Road, Sopron is a small town of significance near the Austrian border, featuring a center square with medieval and Gothic architecture, interwoven with 1st and 2nd Century Roman roads and ruins. After the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, instead of joining Austria, in 1921 Sopron voted to remain part of Hungary […]

Music throughout time.

We spent our last 24 hours in Sopron, Hungary. It is a fascinating city that has felt the most “foreign” of all our recent stops. The city center consists variously of 9th-century Roman ruins, 11th-century medieval walls, and 17th-century Baroque towers and cathedrals. Our first experience in a former Soviet bloc country, we all felt […]


We all travel for the food, right! Socially, economically, creatively, food is at the heart of any culture, and the group has completely embraced the experience. ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ is a true adage here, and with all the walking, due diligence is required. There is a consistent breakfast buffet […]