On to the next event…

Hello, everyone! I’m sure for many of you it is mid-terms, and the accompanying stress that goes with it. Sleep is your friend right now, remember that!

I am a week off in my postings as I had my recital last Monday. It went pretty well, and I am always grateful for the friends and former students who attend. I had the opportunity to play most of the program at Chadron State College in Neb. a few weeks earlier, and it makes such a difference to have more than one performance of a program. So, if you have a recital later this semester, look for other performance opportunities off campus. You will gain a great deal with the extra performing.

So, as the title of today’s blog suggests, it is time to move on to the next stack of music! I am playing the Haydn Creation with ProMusica Colorado in a few weeks, so there is quite a bit of music there to get in my fingers, plus a faculty chamber music concert in mid-Nov. Never a dull moment!

Until next time,
Margaret Miller
Professor of Viola

9 thoughts on “On to the next event…”

  1. Saran C says:

    Great advice.all students must follow this advice.

  2. I have a few pieces of advice that helped me two years ago when I started school:

    1. Feeling too stressed to take a break is a sign you need to take a break!

    2. Schedule a regular time to call loved ones.

    3. Sleep cannot be overemphasized.

    4. It’s impossible to focus in class if you are “taking notes” on a laptop.

    1. Jennifer Clary Jacobs says:

      Yazici – thank you for joining in the discussion. Those are good tips and I’m glad they are working for you! I especially like #2 as we often push this off as our “to-do” list grows. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. great article, absolutely agree.

    1. Jennifer Clary Jacobs says:

      Tamtam – thank you for reading it!

    1. Jennifer Clary Jacobs says:

      You’re welcome!

  4. Everton luiz says:

    Thanks for sharing this information, I will follow this advice.

    1. Jennifer Clary Jacobs says:

      Thank you and best wishes!

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