Accuracy Is Everything In Practice

“Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.” ~ Wyatt Earp

An interesting person to quote for today’s post, but very applicable to our lives as musicians because it relates to how we practice. How do we become accurate and consistent? It’s by practicing slower. Our brains and our muscles need time to process an activity, and time to build up speed and accuracy.

My recital is in a few weeks, and while my program feels secure, I still take one practice session a week to go through the repertoire at three quarters of my performance speed. There is always something that needs attention-a shift, a phrasing that can be clearer, an articulation that needs attention.

Now that everyone’s semester is in an established routine, take a moment to think about your practicing. Are you in a rut? Are you practicing carefully and being a mindful listener?

Until next time,
Margaret Miller
Professor of Viola

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    great article 😉

  2. While reading your blog it seems that you research on this topic very much. I must tell you that your blog is very informative and it helps other also.

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      Sydney – thank you for reading it!

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  3. Thank you post it, we are inspired by this discussion, we could learn more thoroughly ..

    1. Jennifer Clary Jacobs says:

      We can all pay more attention to detail. Thanks for reading!

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    Awesome Post.
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