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Graiß di Schladming

Building overlooking the Swiss Alps

Welcome to Austria, truly as beautiful and magnificent as you’ve ever imagined.

On Tuesday, the ensemble took a three and a half hour train ride from Munich to Schladming, peacefully traveling through picturesque countryside where rolling hills and gentle valleys are dotted with red clay-roofed villages. Suddenly the majestic Bavarian Alps came rising out of the mist as a backdrop for serene cows reposing in groups, their tan hide contrasting with the lush green grass.

Not a bad way to travel! I never heard an “are we there yet out of anyone,” and I think I heard someone singing “Climb Every Mountain” (yes, it may have been me…).

Schladming is a former mining city in the Austrian federated state of Styria, bordering Slovenia in the southeast of the country. The pristine resort town is an adventurist’s dream with skiing, hiking, paragliding, and mountain biking, but many shops, cafe’s, and a Benedictine Abbey, featuring a public library and winery are also near by.

conductor directing students

The ensemble spent the afternoon rehearsing in preparation for the Mid-Europe Music Festival, and three concerts on Wednesday. Debussy, Mozart, and Rossini never sounded better than in the lush mountain air. Click here for more rehearsal photos.

gondola ride down the mountain

Two of us managed to squeeze in a gondola ride up the Planai, Schladming’s main mountain, featuring “red” and black runs, and were in awe of the expert mountain bikers careening down the slopes.

The evening meal was taken at a delicious restaurant with a modern take on Bavarian recipes. I had roasted liver and potatoes, which was nothing like the shoe leather with onions my dad used to make! Other favorites were chicken and dumpling soup, goulash, and apple strudel.

Following dinner many of us joined the locals in the square to watch Germany crush Brazil at fútbol. I think we’ve all fallen for Austria!

~ posted by Jennifer Clary