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The CSU Faculty Chamber Winds arrived safely in Munich, Germany over the weekend, which was spent acclimating and getting to know the capital city of Bavaria.

Marienplazt Munich

Marienplazt Munich

Founded north of the Alps in 1158 by Henry the Lion, duke of Saxony and of Bavaria, München, or monks place, is the third largest city in Germany with about 1.5 million residents. As the Hauptstadt der Bewegung (“Capital of the Movement”) Munich was the center of National Socialism, taking control of the German government in 1933. Subsequently the city sustained heavy bombing during WWII, but was extensively rebuilt. Known for its arts, culture, and science, today it is considered one of Europe’s most livable cities.

Muenchen S Bahn Mit Zweitem Tunnel map

The first thing one does upon arrival is to purchase a pass for the impressive and efficient transit system which features both above and underground trains. We couldn’t help but be a little envious!

Our hotel is half a dozen stops away from the city center, Marienplatz (Mary’s square), where upon emerging from the train station below, we simultaneously see a concert, watch the Glockenspiel, hear the bells, smell sausages and pretzels, and merge with 1000s, enjoying a beautiful evening.

After sampling a variety of deliciousness (from ripe cheeses to lavender truffles) at the famed Dallmayr Delikatessenhaus, we wandered through the pedestrian precinct to Augustiner am Platzl, a brauhaus featuring the libations of Munich’s oldest brewery, founded in 1328. Tired, with tummies full of Wurst, our first day in Europe was well spent.

Munich street signs

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~ posted by Jennifer Clary