May 2017 Faculty Notes

College of Liberal Arts Awards

The May 2017 Faculty Notes highlights the annual College of Liberal Arts Awards. On April 11 in the Longs Peak Room, Dr. Dan Goble, director of the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance, received the Distinction in Advancement Award; Dr. Eric Hollenbeck, associate professor of percussion, received the Faculty Development Award; and Dr. Blythe LaGasse, associate professor of music therapy, received the Excellence in Teaching Award.

Distinction in Advancement Award: Dr. Dan Goble

Recipients of the Distinction in Advancement award make exceptional contributions toward strengthening the College of Liberal Arts by enhancing its image, increasing the financial support of its contributors, and creating sustaining relationships among the College’s many constituencies. The College of Liberal Arts is delighted to offer the award this year to Dan Goble, School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. Dr. Goble has been an outstanding partner to the development team and has dedicated countless hours of his time and expertise delving into long-term strategy, writing proposals, attending or initiating donor visits, and dedicating his staff and resources to assist with donor cultivation and stewardship activities.

A Dedicated Partner

Dr. Goble is a dedicated partner on long-term strategy and understands the connection between our activities today and our future opportunities. His efforts range from offering a donor music lessons to committing staff and resources for donor events that not only promote our philanthropic activity but also continue to pioneer possibilities for collaborative partnerships for our faculty and students and showcase the talent and facilities in the department. He is a strategic and visionary partner, and he is excellent at creating meaningful and genuine relationships both internal and external. Through his dedication and experience, Dr. Goble has also been a wonderful mentor to the development office and his advocacy of the importance of development has championed new and innovative partnerships from the faculty and staff in his department.

Excellence in Teaching Award: Dr. Blythe LaGasse

The Excellence in Teaching Award for a faculty member at the associate professor rank goes to Dr. Blythe LaGasse, School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. Dr. LaGasse’s nominators begin their letter by noting that perhaps no other nominee for this award begins each semester’s course by composing and singing a “syllabus song. . . a rousing rendition of course policies and procedures and expectations, all sung to the tune of a popular song accompanied on her guitar.” The rest of the committee’s letter, together with Blythe’s own teaching philosophy and the comments of her students, all illustrated that her teaching is engaged, participatory, informed, and committed to forming communities of teaching and learning. As the leader of one of the strongest and most widely recognized music therapy programs in the country, Dr. LaGasse has demonstrated repeatedly that her high expectations produce results in shared scholarship and career advancement.

Of the many student comments offered in support of Dr. LaGasse’s nomination, this one particularly caught the attention of the committee: “Dr. LaGasse is a great teacher and a wonderful researcher.  It’s cool when you’re seeing your professor being published in the music therapy journals on a regular basis. I worked with her when she led a Parkinson’s singing group, and she was an excellent example of how to lead such a group with consummate professionalism combined with warmth and a sense of humor with the clients. She goes to great lengths to demonstrate ethics and impart her considerable knowledge to her students.”

A Compelling Teaching Philosophy

Dr. LaGasse’s own statement of teaching philosophy is compelling and memorable, and here are a few notable passages. She writes: “students often begin with an idea of helping ‘people with disabilities.’ However, interacting with the aging population, persons with mental health needs, and persons who have special needs allows the student to better understand the uniqueness of each person. They can then consider course concepts in terms of individuals, decreasing stereotypes and misconceptions of disability. Further, these experiences help the student to develop their professional identity, recognize their fears and biases, and begin to understand how they can be of assistance as a helping professional.” In her repeated engagements with students, Dr. LaGasse models the kind of living/learning that she hopes will become theirs. She writes, “I believe my passion helps students to develop their own passion for the field of music therapy. I regularly tell stories from my clinical experience, illustrate concepts through live examples, and let my excitement for the topic show.”   The awards committee needed no further convincing, and are delighted to give this excellence in teaching award to Dr. Blythe LaGasse.

Faculty Development Award: Dr. Eric Hollenbeck

Eric Hollenbeck, Associate Professor of Percussion. Eric’s project is to create a solo recording containing new, modern and significant repertoire to percussion with a focus on marimba. All of the pieces contained in this solo CD have not been recorded before specifically with this instrumentation and approach to range and warmth of sound. The project is a substantial addition to the established cannon of percussion repertoire. Faculty Development Awards are granted annually with funding from participants in the Great Conversations series.

Celebrate! CSU Milestones

Colorado State University honored faculty and staff who reached service milestones during the 2016-2017 school year at the annual Celebrate! CSU Milestones event. This all-University event that commemorates retirement and years of service took place on May 2 in the LSC Grand Ballroom. Thank you to the following School of Music, Theatre, and Dance and Department of Art and Art History faculty and staff for your service!

Ten Years
Paul Flippen, Associate Professor of Painting
Jennifer Clary Jacobs, Director of Marketing
Walt Jones, Professor of Theatre
Blythe LaGasse, Coordinator of Music Therapy; Associate Professor of Music Therapy
David McArthur, Dance Accompanist
Roberta Mielke, Music Accompanist
Eleanor Moseman, Associate Professor of Art History
Michelle Stanley, Assistant Professor of Music, Flute
Leslie Stewart, Special Assistant Professor of Violin; Director of Master of Music, Music Education, Conducting Specialization

Twenty-Five Years
Patrice Sullivan, Professor of Painting

Paul Metz, Associate Professor of Music Theory, Emeritus Faculty, 30 years