Dr. K. Dawn Grapes Receives the 2022 Eva Judd O’Meara Award

Dawn Grapes headshot

Dr. K. Dawn Grapes, associate professor of Music History in the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance, was recently awarded the 2022 Eva Judd O’Meara Award from the Music Library Association for the best review in Notes, for her review of The Norton Guide to Teaching Music History, edited by C. Matthew Balensuela.

In choosing musicologist Dr. Grapes, the Publication Awards Committee wrote:

“In her review of the newest edition of the Norton Guide to Teaching Music History, musicologist K. Dawn Grapes provides a compelling and comprehensive evaluation of both the canonical tome itself as well as its sociocultural context. Grapes effectively presents a thorough assessment in a concise manner, detailing the book's strengths and weaknesses, authorial influences, and resources of note.

Grapes explicitly centers her analysis in the context of current discourse within music history pedagogy in higher education, confronting the need for music creation and scholarship from underrepresented populations, new musical styles, and topics. Within this critical lens, she provides a helpful framework for interpreting the contents of the current edition, including updates and the inclusions of emerging topics and trends in music history curricula and its function in academic music courses. Grapes' review is well-organized and accessibly written for a range of potential users: teaching faculty, researchers, music librarians, and others interested in traditional Western art music history and pedagogy.”