CSU Music Education faculty and students selected to present at national conference

Dr. Bonnie Jacobi, associate professor of Music Education, is co-presenting a session at the National Conference of the American Eurhythmics Society on Saturday, Oct. 9, 2021. The session will be co-presented with three senior-year B.M. Music Education students: John Andretsos, Cass Brandriff, and Jake Elam. The title of the session is: “Show Me the Music!” and will detail ways to show pieces of music kinesthetically with children.

About the CSU Music Education Students

John Andretsos is a fourth-year percussion Music Education student at Colorado State University. Elementary Music is big interest for John in his future, and he is excited to get out into the teaching world very soon. John enjoys hiking, card games and spending time in the world exploring and learning.

Cassandra Brandriff is a fourth-year music education student at Colorado State University. She started singing in elementary school back in Tucson, Arizona, then moved to Colorado for college three years ago. One Cass’s primary areas of interest is the application of eurythmics in secondary ensembles.

Jake Elam is a Chicago native and a fourth-year Music Education and Composition student at Colorado State University whose primary instruments are horn and piano. Jake has a strong passion for music and teaching, and has had several teaching opportunities including Brass Section Coach for Bill Reed Middle School in Loveland, Colorado, and Undergraduate Program Director for CSU’s Middle School Outreach Ensemble. During his time off, Jake enjoys backpacking, playing board games, and composing.