It Could Be Anything – A New Music Ensemble

The School of Music, Theatre and Dance presents a vivacious music ensemble called It Could Be Anything. The newly formed group aims to showcase music’s growth and change by focusing on trends in the global arts world. Their second performance of this semester takes place on April 17 at 7:30 p.m., in the Organ Recital Hall.

It Could Be Anything embodies the spirit of the new music culture, and is dedicated to performing innovative, collaborative, and exciting works by living composers as well as the important contemporary works from composers of the recent past. Under the direction of CSU Music Professors Wesley Ferreira and Andrew Jacobson, the ensemble performs regularly at CSU and throughout Northern Colo.

In preparation for their concerts, the group performs portions of their repertoire in public, playing on campus and in various spots in old town. These practice gigs give the group an idea of what resonates with the community. “The students who participate do so not out of any curricular requirement, but because they love performing, collaborating with each other, and sharing music and their artistry with the public,” Ferreira stated.

On April 17, the ensemble will perform “Shen’s Machines,” composed specifically for the ensemble by violin and composition student Tyler Adamthwaite, who hopes to inspire more string students to join the ensemble next year!

Considered the original minimalist composition, the main piece on the upcoming concert is the influential and abstract In C by Terry Riley, written in 1964. Because of the flexible duration of the piece and the undefined number of musicians required to perform it, Ferrieira cites In C as “one of the most important pieces of music written in the last 60 years.”

It Could Be Anything is breaking the mold for traditional expectations of classical music and challenges the students on what it means to be an artist in the contemporary landscape. “What I love most about this ensemble is the openness to new possibilities for collaboration and performance of music,” said Lara Mitofsky Neuss, a Master’s student in Music and current It Could Be Anything member.

This unique collaborative effort welcomes and embraces students’ artistic voice. “As a music teacher, I love working with students through the process of developing their musical abilities,” said Ferreira. “They learn to communicate their own unique interpretation about music and communicate this interpretation with others.”

“This ensemble has contributed to my growth substantially, and has strengthened the possibility and desire to dive into a career focusing on contemporary music,” said Mitofsky Neuss.

When this entertaining group comes together, they produce a distinct sound that is unmatched by anything an audience has heard before.

~ by Madeline Bombardi