Animaniacs delighted by the University Symphony Orchestra

Animaniacs promotional posterThe Animaniacs was originally performed by a Hollywood studio orchestra of 40 musicians; this spring, Rogel’s Emmy-winning songs were presented by Wes Kenny conducting the CSU University Orchestra as part of Animaniacs in Concert. The concert was co-presented by the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance at CSU and the Lincoln Center as part of the Classical Convergence series.

“It was pure joy bringing Animaniacs in Concert to the Lincoln Center and a marvelous experience for us to perform with the incredible CSU orchestra. Wes [Kenney], thank you for doing such a magnificent job conducting and for making it all come off so easy. Dan [Goble, CSU] and Jack [Rogers, Lincoln Center], your staff and crew were a delight to work with, extremely competent and professional. Thank you again for having us and for treating us so wonderfully. Best to you always!” — Randy Rogel (and Rob and Ron)

“Wes [Kenney] — thank you for your wonderful conducting on the production, and your guidance of the symphony. The whole experience was just a gem all the way around. My best.” — Ron Knight, Knight Entertainment Group