OneBeat Music Festival Encourages Fort Collins to Listen Globally

By Tyler Stup, SMTD Publicity Intern As the lights dim on the Lincoln Center’s Magnolia Stage, four people remain lit. They are musicians and activists prompted by two questions. “What do you feel is the role of music in sustaining and reimagining cultural identity and traditions? And why is that important for you on a […]

The Value of Music Education

By Katie Knutson, CSU Music Education Major This piece was originally written as an assignment for my Writing Arguments (CO 300) class. For the assignment, I had to choose an issue related to my field of study and argue for a stakeholder group to take action on; it was presented in the form of a […]

CSU Wind Symphony Highlights Innovative Music Moments to Help “Find Your State”!

By Tyler Stup, SMTD Publicity Intern Whether you’re seeing it spoofed, as a gif, or you’re even in theaters, it’s impossible to see Star Wars yellow text crawl without imagining the powerful beginning chords. Come Dec. 8 at 7:30 p.m., Dr. Rebecca Philips will conduct CSU’s Wind Symphony on pioneering pieces of music, like the […]

Same holiday cheer, brand new Holiday Spectacular production

By Shannon Dale, Assistant Director of CLA Development It is that time of year again! Join the Northern Colorado community at Colorado State University’s University Center for the Arts for the delightful, family-friendly Holiday Spectacular. Performed by the University Symphony Orchestra, combined choirs, and special guests, the popular show has a whole new storyline. While […]

Classical Canon and Some Deeper Cuts with Morgenstern Trio

By Tyler Stup, SMTD Publicity Intern As a part of the Classical Convergence Concert Series, presented in partnership with the Lincoln Center, the Morgenstern Trio are coming to Fort Collins straight from Germany to bring award-winning classical canon to Northern Colorado. When they make their way over to the United States, the three performers will […]

Xerxes: Lights, Costumes, Set

By Nicole Towne, SMTD Publicity Intern On Oct. 26 Colorado State University’s School of Music, Theatre, and Dance will premier the Opera Xerxes, written by George Fideric Handel. The opera, presented by the Ralph Opera Program at CSU and directed by Voice Professor John Pierce, tells a multifaceted love story rooted in power, pride, and […]

Into the Lions’ Den

Story by Erin Pihl, SMTD Publicity Intern In the early thirteenth century, New Year’s Eve wasn’t quite the elaborate celebration of fireworks and various renditions of “Auld Lang Syne” we might see today. Instead, the coming of the new year was celebrated by the Feast of Fools and a performance of a liturgical drama. On […]

PUBLIQuartet Pushes Boundaries for a New Look at Symphony

By Tyler Stup, SMTD Publicity Intern With a commitment to genre-bending and independent minded creative programming, PUBLIQuartet is bringing their fresh take on string ensembles to Fort Collins. Currently serving as the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s quartet-in-residence, the four will be playing as a part of the Classical Convergence Concert Series, brought to you in […]