Brainwaves Research Lab


Bainwaves Research Lab

Music Therapy doctoral student Jaley Montgomery in the Brainwaves Research Lab.

The Brainwaves Research Lab (BRL) at Colorado State University is an interdisciplinary research lab located in the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance music therapy area. The BRL is devoted broadly to the study of brain development and specifically to the study of sensory, motor, and cognitive development in infants, children, and adolescents. The BRL is a teaching lab, where graduate and undergraduate students are actively working alongside faculty on various research projects. 

The lab is directed by Dr. Patti Davies, professor in the Department of Occupational Therapy and a faculty member in the Molecular, Cellular, and Integrated Neuroscience Program. The lab involves faculty and students from Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Neuroscience, and Music Therapy.

Current Projects:

Impact of Music Therapy on Brain Responses in Children with Autism

The primary purpose of the proposed research is to determine the impact of a music therapy attention (MTA) treatment protocol. Our Specific Aims are:

  • To determine the impact of MTA protocol on attending skills as measured by standardized behavioral testing;
  • To determine the impact of MTA on auditory cortical responses as measured by electroencephalography (EEG) and event-related potentials (ERP)
  • Examine the relationship of changes in attention abilities and brain responses after the MTA protocol.


EEG study of Child Development

The primary purpose of this study is to understand how brain function and self-regulation relate to factors such as socioeconomic disparities and stress during childhood and adolescence.  

This study is being conducted in collaboration with Dr. Emily Merz (PI) and her Ph.D. students.


Understanding the use of Rhythm for Sensory, Motor, and Cognitive Processing

The purpose of this research is to investigate changes in brain activity when processing sensory stimuli (e.g., hearing sounds or seeing images), when engaged in simple motor tasks (i.e., tapping a finger) or cognitive tasks (e.g., making a decision). Data on adults 18 to 39 years of age is currently being collected.


Past Projects:

Brain Computer Interface

The lab has investigated the feasibility of Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) applications by conducting experiments that demonstrate real-time control of external devices via brain activity alone. The major product of this project was the development of a software package that can be used for real-time BCI experiences.

This project was in collaboration with Dr. Chuck Anderson and his Ph.D. students.


Volunteer for Research

The lab is seeking volunteers for several projects. More information is available for each study:


For questions about the lab, projects, and volunteering please check the descriptions and links on this page. All other questions can be directed to Patti Davies at

Brainwaves Research Lab Personnel


Current Doctoral Students 

  • Susan Mingils 
  • Kyle Wilhelm 
  • Jaley Montgomery 
  • Leah Quiller  

 Current Masters Students

  • Madeline Bares  
  • Daniel Morris 
  • Katie Bowyer 
  • Kaylea Menon 
  • Diane Powell

Current Undergraduate Students

  • Kylee Weis 
  • Taygen Smith 
  • Riley Busch 
  • Emily Arnow

Graduates of the Brainwaves Research Lab

  • Ph.D. Students 
    • Wen-Pin Chang 
    • Jewel Crasta 
    • Mei-heng Lin 
    • Brittany Taylor 
    • Carly Yadon 
    • MS Students 
    • Melissa Argenti  
    • Rae Berent 
    • Katie Bruegger 
    • Justine Cawthorne 
    • Carrie Coates 
    • Jordan Curtis 
    • Lisa Fyfee 
    • Catherine Greife 
    • Christine Grupe 
    • Jeng-Liang (Eric) Hwang 
    • Erica Jacoby 
    • Sunny Karges 
    • Aimee LaFave 
    • Wei-Yun (Wynne) Lai 
    • Emily Marshall 
    • Beth Mozolic 
    • Debbie Passantino 
    • Kelly Phares-Zook  
    • Shannon Phelan 
  • M.M. Students
    • Ryan Smith