CSU Music Minor "No Applied Studio" Track

A minor in music presents students with a liberal arts education that includes opportunities to engage in music theory, music history, and the culture of music, along with a variety of performance opportunities through ensemble play and applied lessons. Checksheet (PDF)

The minor in music track WITH applied instrument/voice lessons requires a successful audition before entrance.

The minor in music track WITHOUT applied studio lessons on your instrument/voice does NOT require an audition. Students pursuing the "no applied studio" track should fill out the form below.

Once the form is submitted, our music minor coordinators, Dr. Leslie or Murray Oliver, will contact you with further information about the music minor "no lessons" track, including a short music theory diagnostic test that is used for theory class placement.

Primary contacts include Drew.Leslie@colostate.edu in the Fall and Spring semesters, and Murray.Oliver@colostate.edu during the summer months.


Please complete this interest form for the Music Minor "no applied studio" track.

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Drew Leslie

  • Associate Professor of Music
  • Undergraduate Coordinator
  • Music Minor Advisor