What Are You Doing With Your Extra Day?

leap dayIt’s a LEAP YEAR, and I have been thinking about time and time management of late. Feb. is always a very busy month, with Colorado All State Orchestra on campus for three days, and then the whirlwind that is audition season for the next academic year. I am very pleased with the quality of viola applicants, next year looks to be really exciting.

But back to the time issue. What am I doing with my extra day? The big item is playing a very interesting work for flute, viola, and piano by a Soviet woman composer on my colleague, Dr. Grape’s, recital tonight. I always enjoy discovering new repertoire, and this is a keeper. I also have a rehearsal for a concert on Saturday with the CSU Concert Orchestra, playing Trauermusik of Paul Hindemith, one of my favorites.

So it is like any other day, but I hope I can get ahead on some projects, and start practicing for several concerts in April.

How are you spending your extra day? I hope it is a productive one for all of you!

Until next time,
Margaret Miller