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H.M.S. Pinafore by Gilbert & Sullivan - Concert Version
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June 30

We're excited to have #CSUMusic alum Cody Laun join us at the Colorado State University Center for the Arts as special assistant professor of voice....


June 26

A great way to start day 2 of CSU Drum Major and Leadership Academy! Thank you Wes and Peter for your constant commitment and positivity. #CSUMarchingBand #CSUMusic


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June 25

We're at it again - this week we're hosting the CSU Drum major and Leadership Academy! #CSUMusic #CSUMarchingBand

Colorado State University CSU Marching Band Great first evening at the CSU Drum Major and Leadership Academy. Excited for the next three days! #CSUMarchingBand #CSUMusic


Singing for Life


When asked for a quote about the benefits of continuing in music in college as a non-major, Jace Spraker, Food Science Human Nutrition major, and member of the Men’s Chorus under the direction of Ryan Olsen, spoke so passionately about his experience that we wanted to share his entrie statement. Despite being a non-music major, […]

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