Paul Metz

Contact Information


Office: UCA 212A

Role: Faculty

Position: Instructor of Music; Music Theory; Emeritus Associate Professor


Dr. Paul Metz is Emeritus faculty at CSU. Prior to his retirement in 2016, he served as coordinator of music theory since his arrival at Colorado State in 1986. He served as assistant chair of the department from 1994-1998, acting chair of the department in the Fall 1996, and interim chair of the department in 2014-2015. He remains an associate professor of Music Theory for the school. Dr. Metz received a B.A. in Music from Gettysburg College, and the M.M. and Ph.D. in Music Theory from the College-Conservatory of Music of the University of Cincinnati. He has presented papers at meetings of various music theory societies and the College Music Society (he has served in several capacities on the governing board of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of CMS). He has published articles on a variety of topics relating to music theory in journals including Theory and Practice, In Theory Only, and The Sonneck Society Bulletin.