New Music Ensemble


It Could Be Anything

“Are you going to the Anything concert tonight?” These words can be heard through the halls of the University Center for the Arts at Colorado State University. It Could be Anything, CSU's New Music Ensemble embodies the spirit of the new music culture and is dedicated to performing innovative, collaborative, and exciting works of living composers as well as the important contemporary works from composers of the recent past. Under the direction of Dr. Wesley Ferreira and Professor Andrew Jacobson, the ensemble performs regularly at Colorado State University and throughout Northern Colo.

Music is growing and changing. It is our aim to showcase this growth by bringing people together, and focusing on what is happening now in the global arts world, this includes featuring the newest works of student composers. With rehearsals and performances of larger and smaller chamber contemporary literature, this ensemble explores, performs and studies new concepts of notation, extended performing techniques, group improvisation and group composition, including other aspects of performance centered around the latest developments in sonic art.

It Could Be Anything New Music Ensemble is about collaboration. Each member is an active contributor. Composers collaborate with performers for synergistic creation. The ensemble engages with the community to achieve cultural relevance. Guest artists and composers are invited to participate for the incorporating of new ideas and vigor. What happens when this group comes together to combine its energy, talent and vision? It Could Be Anything.

No Audition is required, however, enrollment is limited to upper division and graduate music students or to those underclassman students recommended by their applied music instructor.