Virtuoso Series Concert, Rachel Ellins, Harp

This concert was changed from March 21st to April 10th.

The concert features solo works for harp in different styles and chamber music for harp with cello and with voice, and several two-harp duets. The program includes Mateo Albeniz’ classical era piece Sonata en Re, Bernard Andres’ contemporary work Absidioles, Ellins’ own arrangement of Por Una Cabeza by Charles Gardel, Ravel’s Impressionist era piece, 5 Greek Melodies, and Caroline Lizotte Raga’s Writer 2006, where each musician plays the harp and percussion instruments at the same time!

Schedule & Tickets

Nightly at 7:30 pm
Cost: FREE/CSU students (full-fee paying students with valid ID), $12/adult, $1/youth

Phone: N/A

1400 Remingon St.
Fort Collins, CO, 80524
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