North American Baroque Trumpet Conference and Competition

2024 North American Baroque Trumpet Competition and Conference at Colorado State University

For more information, or to register as a presenter or competitor: NABTCC

Schedule of Events:

Saturday, April 6
9:30am              Welcome and Opening Remarks
Stanley Curtis – Colorado State University                                         Runyan Rehearsal Hall

10:00am            Clinic: TBD
Jason Dovel – University of Kentucky                                               Runyan Rehearsal Hall

11:00am            Clinic: ‘Developing Clarino Sound and Comfort through Vocal Concepts’
Jared Wallis – Ithaca College/Eastman School of Music                  Runyan Rehearsal Hall

12:00-4:00pm:  Finalists rehearsals for Ensemble Division              Organ Recital Hall

2pm:                 Clinic/Recital:
Stan Curtis – Colorado State University                                            Runyan Rehearsal Hall

“Not the Baroque Trumpet: A Recital of Music for Cornetto, Keyed Trumpet and the Romantic Low F Trumpet”
On cornetto: 
Divisions on “Ancor che col partire” – Girolamo Dalla Casa (fl. 16th C.)

On keyed trumpet:
Divertimento in D – Josef Fiala (1748-1816)
Romans from Mozart’s Horn Concerto No. 4 in E-flat, KV 495 – Josef Kail (1795-1871) Adagio – Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)

On low F trumpet:
Introduction et Polonaise for the chromatic trumpet – Joseph Höffner (fl. first half of 19th C.)

3pm:                   possible clinic TBD                                            Runyan Rehearsal Hall
7:30pm:             Opening Concert: A Baroque Extravaganza      Organ Recital Hall

Sunday, April 7
9:30am-12pm:  Paper Presentations                                       Hoffert Learning Center, Allicar Museum
Marta Salvatori – “Echoes of Elegance: Exploring Torelli’s Concerto for Trumpet in D Major”
Elisa Koehler – “A Brief History of the Historic Brass Society”
Victor Yuen – “Minority in Baroque Trumpet Repertoire: Minor Repertoire for Baroque Trumpet”
Special Guest Lecture by Igino Conforzi – “Trumpeter’s imitation and plagiarism around the XVI century”

2:00-4:30pm:      North American Baroque Trumpet Competition Finals – Soloists
Organ Recital Hall,  Frank Nowell – Organ

4:30-6:00pm:        North American Baroque Trumpet Competition Finals – Ensembles
Organ Recital Hall

6:00pm:             Judges’ Conference/Dinner Break

7:30pm:             Awards Ceremony and Closing Concert: Baroque Trumpet Spectacular!
Organ Recital Hall

North Amercian Baroque Trumpet Competition – Solo Division Finalists
Francesco Bellotto
Paul Cassarly
Robert Collins
Steven Cozzuli
Ted Ekstrand
Timothy Hosler
Darik Johnson Liam Jones
Norah Krantz Dean Oaks
Jordan Swayze
Victor Yuen

American Baroque Trumpet Competition – Ensemble Division Finalists
Colorado State University Baroque Trumpet Ensemble
Eastman Baroque Trumpets & Kettledrums University of Kentucky Baroque Trio
University of Wyoming Baroque Trumpets

NABTCC All-Star Trumpet Ensemble
Igino Conforzi, Jason Dovel  – Conductors

Josh Cohen                               Frank Nowell – organ
Stan Curtis                                 Maya Reno – timpani
Jason Dovel                              TBD – sackbut/trombone
Adam Gordon
Elisa Koehler
David Maller
Scott Muntefering
Jared Wallis
David Wharton
Melissa Rodgers Woodrow


Matinees at 9:30 am
April 6
Saturday, April 6, 2024 at 9:30 am
Sunday, April 7, 2024 at 9:30 am

Cost: Free and open to the public

Organizer: School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Phone: N/A

1400 Remington St.
Fort Collins, CO, 80524
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