Whether it be through connecting with alumni in your area, serving as an alumni mentor to current students, attending an alumni or campus event, or supporting music at CSU financially, your participation as alumni is deeply valued.


Music has always had meaning to our society – whether we are playing, creating, or listening – we engage with emotions and challenges inherent in the art form. At CSU, we are fortunate to have so many music alumni in the world today that are continuing this tradition.

The value of the music in education is often discussed and analyzed as to what skills our graduates hold, both on academic or vocational levels. Music education equips students with a spectrum of transferable skills that are of inestimable value in the workplace and beyond: high-end ability in collaboration, analysis, work ethic, empathy, innovation, and performing well under pressure.

The qualities to which many aspire in the work-force that are suitable for meeting the challenges of today’s economy are all those found in a music graduate. Whether they go on to professional careers in music or otherwise, our alumni cite their time here in music as leaving a lasting imprint on their lives and on their careers that have given them success.

As we continue this tradition here at CSU and around the globe, we want to connect with you – our CSU music alumni. Whether you graduated last year or many years ago, we want to hear your stories and connect with you. Please take some time to learn about what’s going on in the department these days, fill out our alumni survey, send us your Class Notes, and let us know if you plan to visit campus – we’d love to hear from you!

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March 2017 Class Notes

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Hayden Hays, 2015, B.S. Biology Being a member of the CSU Marching Band, among many other groups, has had a profound impact on my life. Not only did marching band enhance my physicality and musicality, but it also trained me to be more diligent and to have more discipline in my life. Since graduating from […]

February 2017 Class Notes

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Melissa Gross, 2013, B.M. Music Since I have graduated from CSU I subbed in Jefferson County for a semester and then made the biggest move of my life to Cedaredge, Colo. I packed all my things and moved almost 300 miles across the state. I found myself in a rural farming community at the base […]

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