That light at the end of the tunnel…

Is not necessarily an oncoming train, just the last two weeks of the semester. I hope that everyone was able to recharge over the Thanksgiving break, as juries and finals are coming up very soon.

My advice to you all? Take care of yourself first. I realize that there are projects to complete, finals and juries, plus recitals, orchestra concerts, etc., but you need to take care of yourself above all else. Stress levels are very high now, so be aware of your triggers, and what you can do to minimize the stress. Breathing is always a very good thing to do!

As for juries, play for as many colleagues as you can. Play for your roommates, play for other instrumentalists. Remember why you chose a life in music-because music said something to you, and you want to make sure you say something through your playing. Yes, there will always be details to work on, but save time in your practice sessions to perform.

Until next time,
Margaret Miller
Assistant Professor of Viola

38 thoughts on “That light at the end of the tunnel…”

  1. Devid says:

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    First of all a great thanks for this nice picture & also for some good advice. Hopefully i will do everything that you advised.

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    1. Jennifer Clary Jacobs says:

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  13. Nate says:

    I love music as I can feel like I can touch someone through it.
    Good to read, Thank you!

    1. Jennifer Clary Jacobs says:

      It’s a powerful feeling, isn’t it!

  14. Thanksgiving break will definitely help us to recharge.

    1. Jennifer Clary Jacobs says:

      Breaks and hard work in balance, right!

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