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Lindsey WilhelmAssistant Professor of Music Therapy; Coordinator of Clinical Practicum(970) 491-0984Music Therapy
Christopher Van HofAssistant Professor of Trombone(970) 491-6224Trombone
Adam A. TorresSpecial Assistant ProfessorOnline Curriculum
Barbara ThiemSpecial Assistant Professor of Cello
Chamber Music
(970) 491-3276Cello
Wil SwindlerSpecial Assistant Professor of Jazz Studies
Associate Director of Jazz Bands
Shilo StromanSpecial Assistant Professor of Percussion, Marching Band Drumline, Jazz Studies(970) 491-4054Percussion
Leslie StewartSpecial Assistant Professor of Violin
Director of Master of Music, Music Education Conducting Specialization
Chamber Music
(970) 219-5985Violin
Michelle StanleyAssistant Professor of Music, Flute(970) 491-2509Flute
Maile SpeetjensCostume Shop Manager; Special Assistant Professoremail only
Peter SommerCoordinator of Jazz Studies
Coordinator of Woodwinds
Associate Professor of Saxophone
Director of Jazz Bands
(970) 491-3010Saxophone
Abigail ShupeAssistant Professor of Music TheoryMusic Theory
John SeesholtzAssistant Professor of Voice
Baritone, Vocal Pedagogy, Opera History
Chris ReedSpecial Assistant Professor of VoiceVocal Coach
John PippenAssistant Professor of Musicology Music History
John Carlo PierceAssistant Professor of Voice
Lyric Tenor, Freshman Voice Studio, Opera History
Rebecca PhillipsDirector of Bands
Associate Professor of Music
(970) 491-1584Bands
Ryan OlsenAssistant Professor of Music Education
Choral Music Education
(970) 491-3504Music Education
G. Murray OliverDirector of Graduate Studies
Assistant Professor of Music
Music History
(970) 491-5193Graduate Studies
Gary MoodyProfessor of Bassoon and Music Theory(970) 214-2249Bassoon
Margaret MillerSpecial Assistant Professor of Viola
Coordinator of the Graduate String Quartet Program
(719) 660-0878Viola
Paul MetzAssociate Professor of Music Theory, Emeritus Faculty(970) 491-5533Music Theory
John McGuireBrass Area Coordinator
Assistant Professor of Horn
Music Appreciation, Brass Techniques
(970) 491-8515Horn
Janet LandrethCoordinator of Keyboard Studies
Professor of Piano
(970) 491-6880Piano
Blythe LaGasseCoordinator of Music Therapy
Associate Professor of Music Therapy
(970) 491-4042Music Therapy
Robert KreutzInstructor, Music Education(970_ 2158537Strings
Andrew KnightAssistant Professor of Music Therapy(970) 491-3722Music Therapy
James KimDirector of Choral Activities(970) 491-6515Choir
Wes KenneyDirector of Orchestras, Professor, Conducting(970) 491-6912Orchestra
Erik JohnsonAssistant Professor of Music Education
Instrumental Music Education
(970) 491-4806Music Education
Andrew JacobsonSpecial Assistant Professor of Oboe(425) 239-7991Oboe
Bonnie JacobiCoordinator of Music Education
Associate Professor of Music Education
Director of Colorado Kodály Institute
(970) 491-3106Music Education
Caleb HudsonAssistant Professor of TrumpetTrumpet
Eric HollenbeckCoordinator of Percussion
Associate Professor of Percussion
(970) 491-4054Percussion
Forest GreenoughAssociate Professor of Double Bass
Music Theory
Double Bass
K. Dawn GrapesCoordinator of Undergraduate Studies; Assistant Professor of Music History(970) 491-4134Music History
Dan GobleDirector of the School of Music, Theatre and Dance(970) 491-5533
Richard FreyAssociate Director of Bands
Assistant Professor of Music
(970) 491-5973Bands
Ronald FrancoisCoordinator of Strings Area
Associate Professor of Violin
Chamber Music
(970) 491-3160Violin
Copper FerreiraSpecial Assistant Professor of Music Theory
Ensemble Coordinator
(970) 491-1584Music Theory
Wesley FerreiraAssistant Professor of Clarinet(970) 491-5570Clarinet
Stephen DombrowskiInstructor of Tuba(303) 922-6108Tuba
James DavidAssociate Professor
Composition and Music Theory
(970) 491-4154Composition
Stuart DameronSpecial Assistant Professor
Choir, Music Appreciation, History of Rock 'n Roll
Angela Mace ChristianAssistant Professor of Music History(970) 491-4133Music History
Bryan ChristianSpecial Assistant Professor of Music TheoryMusic Theory
Tim BurnsSupervisor of Piano Accompanying(970) 491-3244Piano
Courtney Hershey BressAssistant Professor of HarpHarp
Tiffany BlakeCoordinator of Voice
Associate Professor of Voice
Director of Ralph Opera Program, Soprano
Voice and Opera
Joel BaconStewart and Sheron Golden Chair in Organ and Liturgical Studies
Associate Professor of Organ
(970) 491-2431Organ
Denise Favela Apodaca Coordinator of Piano Proficiency
Special Assistant Professor, Music Appreciation